NFSTC Workshop

Workshop Overview

Advances in Forensic Anthropology Workshop - Click here for full site.

This workshop was designed to teach attendees about geometric morphometrics as an approach to shape analysis of crania. The session was aimed at illustrating how to efficiently maximize the geometry of their specimens. Lectures and exercises focused on 3D-ID, a dedicated, but flexible, Java software program that utilizes geometric morphometric tools to assess sex and/or ancestry of unknown cranial remains.

The following resources were provided by NFSTC during the workshop to aid in learning how to use the 3D-ID software. To download, please click the file below.

NIJ Hands-on Material:

  • 3D-ID Help File
  • Anterior Cranial Landmarks
  • Lateral Cranial Landmarks
  • Posterior Cranial Landmarks
  • Inferior Cranial Landmarks
  • Landmark Descriptions
  • 3D-ID Data Entry Template - this template organizes the landmark data as it needs to be entered into the program.

Click here for video showing how to properly digitize cranial remains for 3D analysis.